3rd Silver Lake Master Plan Workshop

One of the clear messages from the second workshop was that the top priorities were a safe walking/jogging path around the perimeter of the reservoir, a more attractive fence, slower traffic on W. Silver Lake Dr. and Silver Lake Blvd, and very limited access to the reservoir grounds.

As participants arrived at the 2nd and 3rd workshops, they were given a survey to clarify some questions that arose from the second workshop. The results confirm the assessment of the priorities. Also, it was clear that the community favored improvements that would be consistent with the current serene, pastoral feel of the reservoir and that any closer access to the water should be very restricted and limited.

After the formal presentation, the participants were divided into two smaller groups for more in-depth discussion with the project team. During the breaks, refreshments were supplied by the Backdoor Bakery, Say Cheese, Victor Bene' at the Mayfair Market, and the DWP.

The Master Plan project team is integrating the input from the final workshop and will be ready to present the results to the community at a meeting in November. On behalf of the SLRA and CSSLR Boards and the Master Plan project team, thanks to everyone who has participated in the process.


Survey Results

For the three workshops, 2,000, 20,000, and 5,000 announcements were mailed. The respective number of attendees who signed in were 150, 225 and 132. Also, in an effort to insure that the residents who live in the immediate vicinity of the reservoirs were aware of the meeting, special letters were distributed to houses on Silver Lake Blvd., Van Pelt, Armstrong, W. Silver Lake Drive, and Kenilworth Avenue. This was supplemented by banners and flyers distributed at local businesses.

Item Yes No
Narrow W. Silver Lake Drive 79% 21%
Narrow Silver Lake Blvd. 87% 13%
Low key Interpretative exhibits on the path around the reservoir 70% 30%
Decorative fountains as an element in the Meadow Area 56% 44%
Artwork integrated into walls, fencing, seating 58% 42%
Temporary art exhibits in designated areas 48% 52%
In your opinion, is it a priority to improve the appearance of the reservoir embankment? 77% 23%
Do the stripes bother you? 71% 29%
Eucalyptus Grove and Meadow Area

Limited access to grove and meadow area


24 hour access





Eucalyptus Grove

Limited access with one path along the sidewalk and one through the grove close to the water. Path in grove is open limited hours and would have a double fence, one along the sidewalk and one along the reservoir.


Expanded landscape edge with a meandering path and no access to the Eucalyptus Grove Area.





Meadow Area

Linear path parallel to the sidewalk with a small landscape buffer


Expanded landscape edge with a meandering path

Small scale recreational bike path intended for small children and separate pedestrian path for strolling, jogging, etc.


Pedestrian/jogging path only










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