Summary of the first Silver Lake Master Plan Workshop

Approximately 150 people attended the first Silver Lake and Ivanhoe Reservoir Master Plan community workshop at John Marshall High School on March 27th, 1999. Mary Ann Kuk, a member of both the SLRA and CSSLR (Committee to Save Silver Lake’s Reservoirs) provided a brief summary of the community’s efforts to have a voice on the Reservoir property’s appearance, operations and public accessibility. Next, Susan Rowghani of the Department of Water and Power presented a synopsis of DWP day-to-day and long term operations at the site.

After the introduction, the attendees were divided into sub-groups at different stations for discussions. The 5 sub-groups represented the elements that will be addressed in the Master Plan. The elements are:

  1. Water Quality and Operations;
  2. Land Use;
  3. Landscape and Open Space;
  4. Traffic and Transportation; and
  5. Cultural Resources and Connections.

Each sub-group discussed each topic for approximately 10 minutes and then moved to another station for the next discussion until all sub-groups had an opportunity to comment on all of the elements. During the discussions, comments were recorded in writing and placed on site diagrams or large pads.

There were many comments that came close to being consensus items and others that proved to have widely different opinions. Among ideas that came out of the first workshop were:

bullet Walking/jogging paths around the reservoirs;

bullet Bicycle lanes/paths around the reservoirs;

bullet Improved landscaping of existing areas;

bullet Preservation of the view;

bullet Improvements to the dog park; and

bullet Making the streets safer for pedestrian traffic.

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