Historic Photos of Neighborhood Areas

Silver Lake has changed dramatically in the past 100 years. The photographs on these pages reflect that change.  Also, the housing density is very apparent in the aerial photograph section.   Please choose a category to view photos from that topic or time.

1906 Panorama
The Reservoirs

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Aerial Views
Red Car Lines
Hyperion Bridge Construction of the Hyperion Bridge
Cabin on Cove, 1930s Cabin on Cove Avenue circa 1930s(?)
AERIAL View of PRODUCE & AUTO REST AT GLENDALE & FLETCHER 1930s Produce and auto rest at Glendale and Fletcher, circa 1930
Cove Avenue in Silver Lake, 1930s Hillside showing Eltinge House on Cove Avenue (1930s)
Rowena in Silver Lake, 1933 Rowena Avenue in 1933
House on Cove Avenue in Silver Lake, 1930s House on Cove Avenue, 1930s

Los Feliz & Western, 1922

View of Los Feliz and Western looking east, 1922
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Los Feliz & Riverside, Silver Lake, 1939 Los Feliz and Riverside Drive, looking west, February 8, 1939
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Griffith Park & Hyperion in Silver Lake, 1956 Griffith Park and Hyperion, October 24, 1956
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Glendale & Sunset, circa 1900 Glendale & Sunset Circa 1900s.  View is looking north up Glendale Boulevard.
Hathaway Estate view in Silver Lake, 1950s Silver Lake area looking towards the Hathaway Estate on the top of the hill, 1950s.
Sunset&Parkman(600x800).jpg (164742 bytes) Construction of Sunset overpass at Sunset and Parkman

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