Panoramic Photo (1906)

Silver Lake has changed dramatically in the past 100 years. The photographs on these pages reflect that change. Also, the housing density is very apparent in the aerial photograph section.

Aerial Lake Views
The Reservoirs
The Neighborhood
Red Car Lines

Click panorama
Close up

The above picture of the Silver Lake Reservoir looking northwest was taken in 1906 by and is comprised of nine separate photos. Once one photo was shot, the tripod was move slightly in order to shoot the next section until the entire panorama of the Silver Lake area was complete. Each of the individual photos have been digitally pieced together. Click on the various sections of the photo to view each of the nine sections close-up. (Original photos courtesy of Bill Taube. Lee McVetta digitally pieced the photos together to form the panorama)

Panoramic Photo (Circa 1930)



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